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KubaEduConsulting Pvt Ltd is an educational organization started in the year 2010 and registered as a Pvt Ltd Company in February 2019. We have successfully counseled more than 5000 students till now and helped them in achieving their desired careers. We have an experience of 13 Years which helped us in achieving the expertise required for differentiating the specialisation and courses as per the one-on-one session with our clients which includes discovering all their pain points.
In the end, we want to conclude that if you hire us for your career needs you will be able to discover your inner potential and get a successful career as a medical professional.


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To be a leading educational consultancy empowering individuals to discover and unlock their full potential, fostering successful and fulfilling careers in the ever-evolving field of medicine.


At KubaEduConsulting Pvt Ltd, our mission is to provide comprehensive and personalized educational guidance to aspiring students. Through our twelve years of experience, we commit to delivering expert counseling, tailored to individual needs. We strive to be a trusted partner in shaping successful medical careers by understanding and addressing the unique aspirations and challenges of each student we serve. Our dedication is to facilitate the journey of self-discovery and career success, ensuring our clients achieve their desired paths in the medical profession.



We pride ourselves on our extensive twelve-year experience, cultivating the knowledge and skills necessary to guide students effectively through the intricacies of medical education and career choices.
We believe in the power of personalized guidance, offering one-on-one sessions to understand the unique needs and aspirations of each client, thereby tailoring our advice and recommendations accordingly.
Trust and Integrity
Our commitment is built on trust and integrity. We value transparency, honesty, and reliability in all our interactions, ensuring the confidence of our clients in every step of their educational journey.
We are dedicated to empowering individuals to explore and realize their inner potential, enabling them to make informed decisions that lead to successful and fulfilling careers in the medical field.
Client-Centric Approach
We prioritize our clients' interests, focusing on discovering and addressing their pain points to provide solutions that align with their specific goals and aspirations.
Success through Collaboration
We believe in the power of collaboration, working closely with our clients, educational institutions, and industry partners to create a pathway for success in the medical profession.

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Customized Approach
Experience tailored solutions as we understand and address your unique aspirations, ensuring personalized guidance that aligns with your individual goals.
Holistic Support
Beyond admission assistance, we provide comprehensive support, offering insights into educational paths, specializations, and career trajectories to foster your long-term success.
Current Industry Insights
Stay ahead with our consultants who stay updated on the latest trends, ensuring you receive advice that reflects the evolving landscape of medical education.
Empowering Choices
We empower you with the knowledge and tools to make confident decisions, enabling you to choose the right path that aligns with your passion and potential.
Proven Track Record
Join the ranks of over 5000 satisfied students who have successfully navigated their medical education journey with our expert guidance, trusting us to shape their path to academic and professional achievement.
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